From the Pastor


It’s cold this time of year!  Getting down to 0 sometimes, overnight.  There is a crispness in the air and and a hurry in our step to get to somewhere warmer, well in mine, definitely.

Its a real lesson in how much we are influenced by our surroundings.  It not just temperature that I’m talking about.  It is our surroundings, our circumstances and to a greater degree the people we are with.   Its also and often our felt needs.

Its not as simple as turning up the heater.  Some of the chill is deeply felt within, deep within our souls, our heart.  It can be a longing or a loss, a prize long sought after or the simple presence of someone we love and want to be with.

We are rarely satisfied with what’s happening in our lives, what we are doing, or achieving.  Constant in our straining ahead toward a prize just out of reach.  Is there something wrong with us?  Are we not complete in ourselves?

I think its a deep longing for God.  A heart, a person, without connection to their maker.

Grant Redman – Pastor