About GodSpace for Kids

ABC Ministry with Children: Some thoughts…

Children are special. Jesus loved and welcomed them. Jesus commended child-like faith to adults. Are we following Jesus’ example to welcome children and nurture their spiritual formation?

Our Vision: Is to see transformed lives, families, communities, and denomiNATIONS for God’s glory.
Our Mission: Is to follow Jesus together, making disciple makers.

Children’s ministry must be primarily concerned with spiritual formation. Spiritual formation seeks to nurture and shape children’s spiritual lives. Spiritual formation involves developmentally appropriate engagement, encourages knowledge acquisition, and teaches children to become mature and active followers of Jesus. Mature and active followers of Jesus play a significant role in shaping their own spiritual lives.

Children’s spiritual formation primarily occurs at home. God established parents as the primary spiritual influence on their children. As a church community, we must prayerfully, practically, and actively, support and empower parents to intentionally nurture the spiritual formation of their children. We must understand that we grow as disciples as we seek the growth of others. In other words, we must follow Jesus together with parents and children, making disciple makers.

An intergenerational church community is required! Stories of faithfulness must be told! Imaginations must be captured by the wonder of God! Un-filtered adoration of God must be expressed! Spiritual disciplines must be joyfully modelled! Faith must be lived! Mature and active followers of Jesus are required!

Want know more? contact Lisa 0428592832.


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