A New Year


In the early weeks of 2018, I have been sharing on Sundays the opportunity this time of year offers.

It’s a time to reflect on what really matters to us as believers.  Primarily our relationship with God.  If your not a believer and without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ such reflection is urgent.

Good sailors learn that in big seas where the waves are so big they lose sight of the horizon, they must use the time on the crest of the wave to reorientate themselves.  Progress is not just getting through the next wave it is reaching the destination, getting to the next port.

It can be so like this in the business of life, especially when its full bore ahead, get the jobs done time.

So what has been the subjects we have covered?  What helps to keep the right perspective.

  • Understanding God’s ways – why He goes about things in the way He does
  • Worship – alive and passionate worship is the way to keep open to God
  • Imitating God – living in love and service just as Jesus did
  • God honouring goals – keeping heart and helping at the centre of our lives

If you would like a copy of these sermons, send me an email and I’ll email them back.

Have a new year living in the wonder and splendour of God through faith in Jesus alone.


Grant Redman – Pastor

It’s Been Great!

Well the first seven weeks have been fantastic.

The welcome I’ve had as the new pastor of Albury Baptist Church has been so good and as I’m getting to know the people of the church I’m finding out they are a great bunch.

I am taking this first three months to get to know them and I guess for the congregation to get to know Judy and I.

We are doing a few new things (that have probably been done here before) and its encouraging the kind of hope, unity and fellowship that we need.  God has plans for this church and if we are to respond to His leadership we need to be together in it.


Grant Redman